Zapper – an archenemy of every robot

Every game needs an appropriate challenge, for example an enemy. And the better and more memorable the enemies are, the better the overall game (at least in most cases, right? Everybody knows Tetris, which is a game without enemies). Sometimes it is just the time you try to beat, sometimes it is the other players you compete with, or simply the game’s mechanics is waht you need to master. But most usually, your enemy has some specific form, it is an object or person that is crawling, running, flying, jumping, is slow or fast, scary, funny, is a badass… well, you get the picture. There are hundreds or even thousands of possible combinations when it comes to beating something or someone in video games.

Zapper is a special form of a turret – an electronic device that is able to grill any living or silicone creature within its range by a burst of high-voltage electric current. A variation of it might melt you (or your in-game character) with microwave, plasma or laser beam. That makes it pretty versatile and deadly security tool, right? To compensate its lethal potential, our zapper cannot move, nor turn or rotate, it is pointed to one direction only, with limited area of impact and it is also short ranged.

We wanted to create a simple yet deadly looking turret and we started with a draft model. One of the constraints was also the overall complexity of the final model – keeping it as simple as possible in terms of polygon count. Rudo put some shapes together and we all liked it instantly. After putting some textures on it, it started to look like an actual weapon. Let’s hope we won’t see on streets any time soon :)

The little joke / obvious Easter egg shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Don’t worry, no Android phones or tables were injured while creating the model.

Now when we exactly know what we will be dealing with, let me show you a few pictures of our Zapper, from first prototype to the final model.