The Great Wobo Escape released on iOS!

Dear friends and gamers,

We are happy to announce that The Great Wobo Escape in now available on iOS!

If this is your platform of choice, feel free to check it out in the App Store here:

To introduce gamers on iPads, iPhone and iPod touch (6th generation) into game’s most significant characteristics, we’ve composed a preview video: 

We continually support the game with re-balancing based on both player feedback and overall gameplay statistics. One of the specifics of the iOS version is that we provide players with an option to turn on and off graphic effects, while the latest devices have them enabled by default.

Thank you for support and constructive feedback throughout the development.We are available to hear from you at There are still two more platforms to cover – both Steam and Windows Phone / Windows Store are coming soon. These, combined with Android and iOS, will hopefully provide everyone with a choice on where and how to experience Wobo’s challenging escape for his freedom.

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