The Great Wobo Escape on Steam Greenlight

Just a few days ago, we have submitted our new game in development – The Great Wobo Escape – to Steam Greenlight! Although still more only a concept than a fully functional game, we are already looking forward to start a discussion and receive a feedback.

Why Steam Greenlight?  Simply because it is a large community of experienced, picky, well-read, sophisticated and streetwise gamers. Steam Greenlight’s Concept category is probably one of the best places to start connecting with a wide audience of players. Not the only one of course, we would like to reach for an opinion in other communities as well.

We also hope to promote The Great Wobo Escape to regular Greenlight category soon. In order to do that, we would like to offer a functional and polished version of the game for download and evaluation. Or at least actual videos of gameplay and screenshots from a pre-final environments.

We will be very grateful for your support & opinion, please share it here: