Second trailer from The Great Wobo Escape

Our second trailer demonstrates two additional gameplay types. The first trailer that you can see here showed the main one – dangerous escape. Now it is time to slow down with stealth. And then shake thing up a bit with an action pursuit.

The first part of the trailer shows how Wobo needs to sneak in the shadows not to be found buy patrolling enemies or revealed by the searchlight. To successfully pass this area you would need to find the pattern of the search light casting shadows over the boxes and then use only the shadows to proceed.

Second part of the trailer start when a driller crashes through a pile of boxes and starts to pursue Wobo. The tempo changes dramatically from a slow stealth sequence to an action escape. Make sure that the Wobo runs quick enough or he will be hit by the falling boxes. Or don’t run just walk and the driller will crush Wobo. There are obstacles in his way as well. Slide under the joist or jump over one. Failing to do the jump/slide with the right timing makes Wobo collide with the joist and get hit by the driller eventually.

This time Wobo runs away successfully because he lures the driller to a ramp which falls under driller’s weight.