Our new project – The Great Wobo Escape

Hi there!

So we started the 2013… Goals and resolutions all set up, fresh energy for new projects ready. Let’s hope some of the wonderful experiences will be related to games as well. And what a great year for a gaming this will most certainly be! I hope you all have your wish lists fully packed with lots and lots of upcoming titles.

There is one thing with wishlists. No matter how many items you have there, there always seems to be a place for one more. Mathematically speaking, your wishlist can be infinite. Even if not, I would like to ask you to keep one slot reserved for our new game – The Great Wobo Escape. It’s too soon to be more specific or reveal anything more than the name (which is still a working title, keep in mind ;). All details will follow during the year. Oh, I can actually reveal one more thing! We will write a developer’s diary, post videos and in general share LOTS of details about the production with you.

Sounds good? I hope so! Stay with us or let us know what you think: info@gamifi.cc or in our contact form.

Matej & team gamifi.cc