Introducing team – Wili, Mato

With the first half of our team introduced last time here, it’s about time to show you the rest of us. To give you a better way to compare our taste for games, we have the same set of questions.

Martin Wilczak – Wili


Wili is the creative artist behind most of our in-game models and animations. Thanks to his Blender skills, we have levels full of enemies, robots, wobots, crates… big and small stuff. But not only that, he also makes these objects move trough animation or motion-capturing. On top of all that, they look pretty, shiny or as real as possible.

My favorite games of all times

  • Age of Empires 2, Age of Mythology, Black & White 1 + 2, Crysis, Diablo 2, Mafia, Portal 1 + 2, Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood, Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, The Movies, Tropico 3, Worms, X-COM: Enemy Unknown

My favorite game character(s), why?

  • Little John from Robin Hood for his ultimate combo of whistle, fist and ability to carry dead or unconsious people
  • Juanito — DJ of Tropico News Today

Most memorable gaming moment 

  • When I was just about to enter the first Oblivion gate in front of Kvatch for the first time
  • The first time I started Black & White

My first game I played (game, when?) 

  • Bomb Jack – probably 1992, I don’t remember, I was really small

My first gaming hardware (PC – configuration/console) 

  • Home-made Sinclair ZX Spectrum, some 286 configuration after that

I hate… 

  • games where you sort garbage into different coloured bins
  • when games have unskippable cutscenes

When I grow up, I’d like to make a game… 

  • I am already grown up and I make games :-)
  • I always wanted to make a RPG with a huge living world and infinite possibilities

Last played game 

  • Legend of Grimrock

What do you like about creating games? 

  • Creating something beautiful and entertaining from scratch. It makes your imagination real

Matej Jariabka – Mato


There is always one who is the last or the youngest. In, it’s Matej. With strong gaming skills (which cannot compensate the lack of game-development/coding skills, right?), he makes it up to the team with a background from agile management (as scrum master), communication and startups.

My favorite games of all times

  • Fallout 1-3, Baldur’s Gate 2, System Shock 1&2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Civilization V, Settlers: The 10th Anniversary

My favorite game character(s), why?

  • Minsc (and his hamster Boo), Edwin, Korgan in Baldur’s Gate 2 – because of awesome taunts that made me laugh many many times and unique personalities
  • Max Payne – not because he is my personal hero or his fate (which is very sad actually), but I love his ironic, self-pity comments and self-talks

Most memorable gaming moment

  • Buying first few upgrades for my car in Death Rally and using them on other racers (PC)
  • When a huge Troll grabbed me after I was too slow to dodge and he bite off the head of my character! Total surprise, perfectly done! (LoTR: War In North, XBOX360)
  • When after 8 hours in row, me and my 2 friends defeated one of the ugly bosses (Gear of War 3, XBOX360)

My first game I played

  • Most probably Civilization I or Settlers I. At least I remember these among the first games I played

My first gaming hardware

  • Czechoslovak made ATARI like computer – Didaktik M with tape drive :) It was year 1994, most probably. And soon after that it was a real PC – my dad’s Intel 486 SX 16 MHz, 40 MB disk and 14” CRT monitor

What I hate when game…

  • Crashes! Uff, that just should not happen. Especially when your hard won progress is not saved
  • Forces you not to play – unskippable cutscene or lengthy loading screen
  • When you don’t know what to do, you have no idea where to look for a hint, nothing is happening and you cannot progress nor go back. Totally stuck

When I grow up, I’d like to make a game…

  • Probably some action-RPG with lots of swords and bows, heavy on story in one of the well-known fantasy worlds (e.g. Middle Earth, Sword Coast, Morrowind) and with pimped out progression and skills system

Last played games

  • I wish for a personal RPG mini-season (like 5 games in a row) and more time to play games in general
  • The Walking Dead
  • Far Cry 3
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Spec Ops: The Line

What do you like about creating games?
  • I enjoy the creative work and thinking how to make it fun! Especially traps, hazards and all the little jokes or animations that will add juice and make everyone either wow! or smile