Introducing team – Rudo, Dave

Behind every game is a team of dedicated developers, game designers, graphic designers, marketing people, sound artists, testers and many other people. We don’t have the luxury (yet!) to cover each of the mentioned role by a different person. What we do have in our small team is lots of talent, enthusiasm and four gamers, with no exceptions. Instead of boring CV, it is probably best to introduce all of us from the gaming point of view. What we like, don’t like and some pieces from our gaming history will probably tell you the most about us.

Rudolf Kajan – Rudo


Rudo is the person wearing most hats in our team. On one hand, he takes care about development – he creates AI, level designs, scripts, etc. At the same time, he makes sure that all pieces fit together, like 3D models are designed as we need, blog is running, and everyone is busy with the right tasks.

My favorite games of all times (In no particular order)

  • Silent Hill Origins (PSP) – the combination of small screen, night, headphones and horrors behind every corner of abandoned asylum and motel from hell made me shat bricks
  • Blood (PC) – countless hours of fun and dark humour. Best game based on Duke’s Build engine with innovative weapons, large maps and rats. lots of rats.
  • Tomb Raider (PC) – because of Lara’s … ehm .. talents :) and flawless gameplay and level design.
  • Legend of Grimrock (PC) – beautiful old-school dungeon crawler
  • Jets n Guns (PC) – great indie side scroller with superb music
  • Fallout (PC) – one the best RPG games I have ever played
  • Command & Conquer (PC) – awesome RTS that set the bar (really high) for whole generation of RTS games.
  • KKND (PC) – insanely difficult RTS. Overwhelming joy and endless frustration were your close companions in every mission.
  • Oblivion (Xbox 360) – first game for my X360 and still one of the best with beautiful world which you could explore on your own
  • Another World (Out of this world) (PC) – one of the best platformers ever. period.

My favorite game character(s), why?

  • Duke Nukem – because he’s got the balls of steel
  • I (the straight block) from Tetris – loved and hated, could save the day or destroy everything.

Most memorable gaming moment

  • Outro of Another World. Man(l)y tears were shed :)

The first game I have played

  • Probably Prince of Persia on my cousin’s super-computer (Olivetti 286 :) ) in the early 90’s.

My first gaming hardware 

  • PC – AMD K5 PR 75 (Pentium Rating 75 = 75 MHz), 8MB RAM, 1.2 GB HDD, 1 MB S3 Trio VGA (w/o sound card, w/o LAN, w/o modem, w/o CD-ROM drive :)). I think it was in 1996.

I hate it when games …

  • Do not have the option to skip cutscenes. GRRRRRRRR

When I grow up, I’d like to make a game…

Recently played game(s):

  • Resident Evil 6
  • FarCry 3
  • FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

What do you like about creating games? 

  • You have the power to create worlds and tell stories.

David Jozefov – Dave


Dave is our development supermind. If it has any code in it, it is most probably his work. We are lucky to have a developer with great taste for graphics, you wouldn’t believe how much it helps avoid conflicts, misunderstandings and to speed the whole development. Just to scratch surface of Dave work – physics, collision system, AI.

My favorite games of all times

  • Lineage 2, FEAR, Diablo 2, NFS Underground, Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Portal 1, 2, Magicka, Beyond Good and Evil, Gothic 2, Settlers 7, Freelancer, TimeShift, Max Payne 1, 2

My favorite game character(s), why?

  • Max Payne – I liked the way he dealt with the ones standing in his way :)

Most memorable gaming moment

  • Whenever a small girl appeared in FEAR
  • Castle siege in Lineage 2
  • When GLaDOS made me incinerate the Weighted Companion Cube :(

My first game I played (game, when?)

  • Perestroika in 1992 on the 286 PC in my mom’s work

My first gaming hardware

  • PC 386, 33 MHz (with Turbo button!)

I hate when a game…

  • … crashes just before / during saving
  • … features a console UI on a PC (like Skyrim, still a great game though)

When I grow up, I’d like to make a game…

  • that will change the world! No, just kidding. I’d like to create some cool RTS like Starcraft.

Last played games

  • Diablo 3,
  • TES: Skyrim

What do you like about creating games?

  • The feeling when you piece by piece build a great looking and working game out of nothing.

We will introduce the rest of the team in the next post. Stay with us or let us know what you think: or in our contact form.