Game Access 2016 – looking back & showcase summary

gamificc at game access 2016

Attending a game expo every few months is one of our long term goals. We are always looking for an event that is close enough (couple of hours drive max) with a good indie support. The former is obvious for time-constraints and budget reasons. But the latter is even more important – when small studios, or even individuals, are given enough space to interact with public and players, that is where fun, engagement and interactions are sure to come. Let’s see how these important criteria were met for us in the 2016’s Game Access (official website: in Brno, Czech Republic.

Very supportive organizers

First of all, I have to say a big Thank you! to the organizing team. Everything from registration to booth setup to logistics were smooth and on time. Anyone on the floor had been helpful and positive, there were no problems or inconveniences. What we had asked for we received. What else to add? I will only repeat Thank you!

Interesting talks

Each of us from games had seen at least 3 talks during those two days. Some of the talks were among the best talks we have ever seen in events (like Narrative Design on Quantum Break by Greg Louden). And even if quality varied in some cases, all talks were informative and with at least some useful takeaways.

Since several members from the Remedy (who held talks as well) come from Brno, it was great to not only have them on the event as speakers, but also to see them wandering around indie games, playing them and having conversations with devs.

Lots of indie games in the showcase, great conversations

Indie devs are in general easy to talk to. If you don’t share the same experience, next time just start the conversation by asking about their game. Chatting about playing and making games is always full of passion, and the bonus is exchanging lots of tips on various topics – development, shaders, engines, releasing games, etc.

Games we were able to play were both local and international, various (great selection, organizers!) and great to play. Or at least great to look at, because we didn’t get chance to play many of them due to a long queue of interested players.

Attention of local game journalists

If you mix indie devs with lots of gamers playing their games, there is only one missing element making the event the best indie expo ever. Press & media. In Game Access ‘16, you had the best mix right there. There were plenty of journalists not only writing about official talks and interviewing speakers. They also played indie games and were networking with the game creators. Most of the games and projects were later featured in articles.

So, who talked to us? Let me name a few – Level (, Score (, Keen Gamer ( and Sector (, not mentioning independent game bloggers.

Bonus: good coffee :)

Something as trivial as a bad coffee may leave a bitter taste (pun intended) for an event. But not for this one, coffee was really good and we drank a lot of it. One more good point for the organizers.


Looking forward to attend the game access next year!

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