First video trailer from The Great Wobo Escape

We are proud to present the first video trailer from our game – The Great Wobo Escape.

It is a Tech Demo from an early version of the game. It demonstrates crouching, using a computer consoles or a chase by a searchlight camera bot. Many things are still not finished and with new videos you’ll hopefully see all the progress we make and the more polish we add.

The video starts with a flyover of a level. Wobo’s first obstacle in his escape is a security video camera. After crouching down to stay hidden, the camera turns away and he is free to sprint towards a freight elevator.

In the next area, in order to continue, he must activate a bridge using a console. Once successfully done, he can move forward while slowing down and crouching again to pass the enemy guards unnoticed. Although they are back turned, there is one patrolling Searchlight Camera Bot that can expose him. The camera could have been spotted also in the flyover in the beginning of the video. So obviously, going right instead of left from the freight elevator was a bad idea, since Wobo wanted to stay hidden.

The Searchlight Camera Bot always spots Wobo (or any other robot, as well). Wobo’s only option now is to run quickly away, otherwise more guards will try to surround and crush him. Luckily he is fast enough and after a few meters he will have left the Searchlight Camera Bot way behind. An escape would be a success but an enemy patrol is crossing his way. Wobo doesn’t outmaneuver him and the enemy is using a taser to fry Wobo.

No happy end for today. Next time, Wobo must pick a better route…