Enemy Behavior Demonstration – Dev Diary #7

Thanks to this simplified example you might get an idea about how enemies patrol and move in a level. Robots have a set of waypoints they go through in each level – a place to guard or a charging station to go to for recharging batteries.


What you can see in the video is a demonstration of enemies guarding a set of spots and executing scripted actions. In the top left corner is a visualization of different states and a map of possible transitions between them.

All the fun starts when Wobo (directed by player – you) must figure out the way around enemies. When Wobo slips through such high security area, he is one step further on his escape. But should he be spotted by guards, alarm is set off, more reinforcements come to pursue him and Wobo must either run or hide. Or… well, let’s see in next videos :) There is always more than one way how to escape.