Development update – January – Dev Diary #4

It’s been about 2 months since the last update or any big set of news from us. Partially this is because of the Christmas, when all projects, not just indie games, stop for a while and we all enjoy a time with our families.

Still, I’m really glad I can start this update with good news! We were able to put reasonable amount of hours/time into development (constantly for several months in a row), which automatically translates into new assets, features implemented and bugs squashed. This might not sound very important, but for a small indie teams with high goals (and we dare to consider ourselves to be one of them) it means the team’s spirit is still strong. We move forward according to schedule, which is even more important. And that lets us to keep our promises and give new which we are confident we will meet as well.

So, what is new? Let’s go through the most notable improvements and additions:

  1. Google Play Store – alpha version of the game is available to our team of testers through official channel – Google Play Store. Not a big one in terms of an effort or game’s content, but reaching this milestone cleared a lot of uncertainties for us. What is very important though is that we are now able to quickly perform user testing and get a feedback to any change we made to game, big or small, almost instantly! In the long term, this saves us a lot of time and additional effort.
  2. Achievements – some of us are fans of achievements in games. At least I’m a big fan. You know, those small images pinned to your profile you can unlock by beating a certain challenge in a game. We can basically put o check on this game’s feature as well. Other features are fully implemented (through Google Play Services API) as well – leaderboards, Play Center integration, save game’s progress into cloud, etc.
  3. Menus – the system of menus (GUI) and in-game control elements is probably the first thing you’ll see after launching the game. Check out screenshots in the Press Kit, it is actually a set of easily maintainable 3D objects. You know – make once, easily change anytime later – kind of thing.
  4. Press Kit – You can download few images in full HD from this page. This time we have not opted for an industry standard, the “presskit()”. Although the layout is basically the same familiar one, we used only features available in the WordPress theme that we have. Texts and all the content took quite a time to prepare. Hopefully much smaller effort will be required for updates when we have something new.
  5. Classics – few more bugs were eliminated, save system has been polished, some graphic fidelity was introduced. We’ll share some interesting stats about these tiny tasks sometime after the game is released.


We hope to bring you more good news and some pretty looking pictures soon!