Alpha testing results

We have just closed the results of Alpha testing. It is the best time to share the results with you…

First of all, many thanks to all who took the time, played the game and sent their feedback! We have received many great suggestions. Basically all of them will be addressed in the Beta version and in the full game. Actually, some are done already.

On top of this alpha testing (where the following results come from), we have also done a live focus-testing with almost 20 volunteers. Not surprisingly, their feedback and comments match those summarized in this post. Seeing someone play the game was the best learning experience for the whole team. Now we have full to-do lists that are keeping us pretty busy implementing new features.

Alpha test results

The reasons we have opened Alpha version of the game for testing was to get specific feedback in several areas. For example, whether the pacing is right (level after level and also in each level or its parts), the difficulty is appropriate, the actions & interactions are comprehensive, etc. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the specific and actionable feedback on each of those parts. To sum it up:

Positive comments

  1. Graphics – in spite of ~50% of all testers played in browser with lowered graphic quality, we are pleased to hear very positive reactions on the game’s visuals.
  2. Atmosphere & location – the setting was appreciated, luckily nobody missed a jungle/snow/rain level :)
  3. Stealth – the whole stealth part was considered amazing by majority of testers. We promise to make it even better.

Requested improvements

  1. More interaction options – some of the objects just begged to be touched, crushed, pushed, pressed or just used. Few of these options are in progress, others will come in later episodes.
  2. Better level design – especially the 2nd level in Alpha version received much criticism and we know why (that is for a separate post). We will run each level of the final game through several test-learn-change iterations to ensure both challenge and fun.


There was also a set of requests very specific to an alpha version of the game. Let me mention one that stands for all – music. In the alpha version, there was exactly 1 (yes, just one) music track looping infinitively. Although it sounds nice for the first few playbacks, it was a bit of a torture after 20+ minutes of play. To all of you who suffered here, please rest assured that we have a full soundtrack coming. Just to mention some other features that just didn’t make it into Alpha but are planned for the full game – multiple paths in levels, bonuses, more enemies, destructions and more. Stay tuned for latest news through our blog on or on page


There is no better way to show some of the results of the Alpha testing than via infographic :)


Join us & test

Sweet rewards we offered for testing & feedback will be back for Beta testing. Those of you who already participated in Alpha will have a few more reasons to join the testing again. We will for sure throw in some new goodies.

The game is still playable through any web browser here (please note a low-quality graphics due to web format) (update: please see our Blog posts for ways to play or test The Great Wobo Escape) and an Android build (Alpha version) is still playable by following this guide

Looking forward to the next round of testing!